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I've been working some sort of freelance since I left my awesome job at General Electric when Mason, my second child, was born.  You can read more about that decision in my last post.

Freelancing can be a lonely job.  I am an introvert, so I love it.  However, in the tech world, things change very quickly and it pays to stay connected to other people in the same profession.

I belong to several online and offline communities to help me stay on top of things technically.

What I'm finding is that many of the young men and women who are just getting started are having a hard time finding jobs.

Most employers want at least 3 years experience, if not 5 years.  How are they supposed to get that without a job?

One way is through freelancing or interning for little to no pay.

For those who can afford to do so, interning is the best way to go.  They can prove to their new boss that they have what it takes even if they don't have the experience.  It also gives them an idea of what else they need to learn and gives them the experience they need.

However, those of us who do take interns take a hit because we have to train these new interns.  I love taking interns because I love mentoring, teaching and helping these young men and women.  Not all businesses will be as open to the time it takes to train and mentor.

For those who can't afford to work with little to no payment, freelancing is the way to go.

Freelancing can also be the answer to many dreams of staying home, being mobile, and travel.

I've found that many who start freelancing to learn and get experience end up enjoying it so much that they change their dream from getting employment and continue to do it full time.

That's how it was for me. Even though my children have all grown and moved away, I love my mobile lifestyle.  Freelancing allows me to have the freedom that I desire.

After all these years of freelancing, I feel that it's time for me to give back.  I have been taking interns from my alma mater for almost 20 years.  I absolutely love helping them and love that they can contribute to my business.

My frustration with that situation is that I only get about 3 months with them.  Just when I get them to where they can be helpful, or to the point where I can teach them more, they are finished with their internship.  It takes longer than 3 months to give them what they need.

For that reason, I want to start an intensive program to work one on one with these young women who are dedicated to their dreams.

I want to do everything I can to help them gain the skills, the mindset, the knowledge, the resources, and everything they need to become successful freelancers or employees in the tech world.

The first step in this program is to figure out what they really want.  To decide what their goals are for their career.  Do they want to freelance full time?  Do they want to gain experience so that they can get their dream job? What do they REALLY want?

Even if you aren't interested in the tech world, I encourage you to figure this out too.  What do you REALLY want?  Notice I didn't say, What do you think you are SUPPOSED to want, or What does everyone else want you to want, but what do YOU really WANT?

As for my students and program participants, I can't really help them until they know what they REALLY want.

I believe that God, the Universe, the Force, or whatever you believe to be your Higher Power wants to help you and wants to give you exactly what you want.  But, She can't help you until you know yourself.

And that can be taken two ways:  He can't help until you know who you are.  And She can't help until you know what you really want.

Think back on your past.  What really lit your fire?  When were you the happiest?  When were you so focused that you couldn't think about anything else?  What was fun?  What excited you the most?

Those are all indications of what you truly enjoy and what you really want.

Think on those things and leave me comments below when you know what you really want.  I guarantee that by writing it out it will give power to that desire.  And your Higher Power will hear you and do everything in His power to get it to you.

But, She won't force it upon you.  You have to allow it to come in whatever way it shows up.  You don't have to figure out the 'how', but you do have to figure out the 'what'.

I truly believe that the two most important questions you can ask yourself are:  Who am I at my core?  and What do I REALLY want?

And then, I believe you must do everything within your power to make that happen.

Your Higher Power will then send those things your way.  And when you are ready to allow them into your life, they will just show up.

You'll be shocked and thrilled, just as I was when my boss at GE said that I could work from home.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."  Matthew 7:7-8

Decide what you want and let me know in the comments below.

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