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Years ago, I read Abraham Hicks book, Money, and the Law of Attraction, and fell in love with the money game.  More recently, I was reading Bob Proctor's book, You Were Born Rich.  In this book, Bob talks about visualizing your bank account as you'd like it to be, with all the money you want.  So, I have decided to write my own money game web application.

I want to not only include some of the aspects of the money game outlined in the Abraham Hicks book, but aspects of other things I've learned about money from my many years of study on the subject and from being a business owner.

I plan to document my progress in building the game as well as my success in using the game over the next several months.  I hope that this will help me raise my money set point, my abundance level and my actual bank account.

Abraham's money game, as I understand it, consists of having an imaginary bank account where $1000 is deposited the first day.  You must spend the entire $1000 that day.  On the second day you will get $2000 in your imaginary bank account.  Again you must spend the whole amount that day.  The third day you get $3000, the fourth day you get $4000, and so on.  Each day you receive $1000 more than you did the day before.

The game I plan to build will be different.  I plan to start with less and change the amounts each day.  This, to me, represents the real world a little better since, as a business owner, my income is varied.  The amounts will go up, but not by the same amount every day.  I will make it random so that even I don't know how much to expect.

I also plan to have a few different suggestions as to how that money should be used.  My reason for this is that I help new business owners and one of the problems they have is learning to live on a variable income, as opposed to a fixed income that they might get from their previous employers.

Having a variable income makes money management a little more difficult.  I'd like a tool that helps them build good money management habits, such as paying taxes on that money.

I will be using some of the ideas from the book, Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz which include having multiple accounts, using percentages to give yourself a profit first, and paying your bills on certain days of the month.

I will also include some tips from Bob's You Were Born Rich book about paying off debt.

I am building this as a tool to help me create good habits around managing my money and would love to hear your best money tip in the comments below.  Please leave me your best tip.

If you are interested in following my progress or playing the money game with me when it's finished, please sign up for my emails at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE:  I am still planning to make this application a reality, but it is part of a bigger project which requires me to start elsewhere.  Stay tuned.  This will be built, but I'm pushing it out until I've got other pieces of the project completed.

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