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You Get What You Pay For – You Decide What to Pay Me

One of the hardest parts of my job is setting prices. I love to help people and sometimes end up giving myself away a little too much. I really don’t mind until the other party starts to take advantage of … Continue reading

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Change is Good! Want to Change Your Life?

When I look back over my life, I can see how much I’ve grown. It’s harder to see in the day-to-day, sometimes mundane, things that go on in and around me every day. It’s like looking back at pictures of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Homeschool

I don’t talk about homeschooling much. It can be such a controversial subject. It’s a battle I just don’t want to spend my time fighting. It works for us. It may not work for you. I believe everyone should have a choice. I don’t want to beat anyone up for their choice anymore than I want to be beat up for mine.

Occasionally, however, I feel the need to talk about what’s working for us and share what we’ve learned so that it might help someone else as they search for what really works for them.

We’ve been homeschooling for almost 17 years now – we started when Matthew was born in June of 1993. He learned to crawl and walk and talk and figure out how to get what he wants even when I may not want him to have it. Continue reading

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My Bright Idea!

…I sat thinking about my passions and asked myself the question, “If I could do ANYTHING, what would I do?” I know it has to involve computers and programming to an extent. I also know it has to be helping people. I will never be satisfied if I’m not helping someone. And it would have to involve teaching. I really have a passion for teaching, as I’ve explained before, because I feel that that’s the way I learn the most.

It hit me that I could start a community where I helped people start living their dreams. I believe that many people don’t feel that they can live their dreams because something is holding them back. Usually, that’s money. In my line of work, I’ve watched many people make millions of dollars online. I’ve even helped them do it. I KNOW it can be done. And I know HOW it’s done. I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time and I KNOW how it all works.

I truly believe that to live our dreams, we must help others live their dreams. I started thinking of ways that I could help. I could teach web building classes, which I’m already doing. That is going well and I hope to continue to do that, but the way I’m doing it now, it’s hard to tell how everyone is doing. There are so many people in the group, that if they were to all respond, it would be chaos. I have to make a better way. Right now, I can’t make that personal connection that I want to have… Continue reading

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Sharing My Knowledge

Since my biggest passion is learning, my next biggest passion is teaching. Why? Because teaching is the best way to learn. I’ve found that when I have to share what I’ve learned, I learn it better. I have to KNOW what I’m talking about and if I don’t know what I’m talking about, either my students are quick to point it out or someone that knows more than I do is kind enough to set me on the right track.

By putting my knowledge out there, those that can learn from me, benefit from my knowledge, and those that can teach me, find the holes in my knowledge and help me fill it. It’s really the best of both worlds! Continue reading

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