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Free Domain Name Webinar

I will be hosting a Free Webinar about Domain Names next week – March 22 and 23rd. I will help you understand what domain names are and how they work. I’ll help you determine whether you need a domain name and if so, how to decide which domain to choose and then how to reserve your real estate in cyberspace!

You can sign up here: www.cullen-web-services.com/domains Continue reading

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My Bright Idea!

…I sat thinking about my passions and asked myself the question, “If I could do ANYTHING, what would I do?” I know it has to involve computers and programming to an extent. I also know it has to be helping people. I will never be satisfied if I’m not helping someone. And it would have to involve teaching. I really have a passion for teaching, as I’ve explained before, because I feel that that’s the way I learn the most.

It hit me that I could start a community where I helped people start living their dreams. I believe that many people don’t feel that they can live their dreams because something is holding them back. Usually, that’s money. In my line of work, I’ve watched many people make millions of dollars online. I’ve even helped them do it. I KNOW it can be done. And I know HOW it’s done. I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time and I KNOW how it all works.

I truly believe that to live our dreams, we must help others live their dreams. I started thinking of ways that I could help. I could teach web building classes, which I’m already doing. That is going well and I hope to continue to do that, but the way I’m doing it now, it’s hard to tell how everyone is doing. There are so many people in the group, that if they were to all respond, it would be chaos. I have to make a better way. Right now, I can’t make that personal connection that I want to have… Continue reading

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I think it’s time…

I’m considering starting the HTML classes again. And writing some ebooks about programming and web development. I’m also thinking of having some more structured online classes to go along with those ebooks and maybe even some webinars. Anyone interested? Continue reading

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