Follow Your Heart but Take Your Head With You


I would love to help everyone change what needs to be changed to reach their dreams. But, one thing I'm learning is that to be most effective, I must narrow my focus.

After looking back through the years and learning more about myself, the one thing I know the best - the one thing I know I'm good at - is web development.

I know I can help people learn web development and freelance. So, that is how I will narrow my focus.

Maybe in the process of teaching that, I can also help them learn other things that have helped me along the way.

I've learned that being a good web developer, or being good at anything really, not only takes knowledge, but it also takes wisdom, spiritual growth, and emotional stability.

The things I've done and the things I've learned in regards to my spiritual self has helped me become a better freelancer and a better web developer.

For a long time, I tried to separate my heart from my head.  I didn't believe that science and heart matters worked very well together.

I was wrong.

The better I get at knowing myself and following my heart, and using that in my business, the better things seem to turn out.

I believe in heart centered businesses, no matter what the business.  The more heart I can put into my work, the better the work.

To serve others through web development, or through anything else, I must bring my heart along.

My students can be the best programmers in the world, but if they have other things going on in their lives, or if they have fears standing in their way, or if they have worries that distract them, they can't be effective.

It's more than just knowledge.

However, without the knowledge, they won't be effective either.  It takes both.

The program I'm developing for my students will be both about the knowledge and the balance it takes with everything else going on in their lives and in their business.

Freelance is about all of it.  It's hard to separate life and work in a freelance business.  I've tried it too many times.

When I had a 9 to 5 job, it was easier to leave things at the door, when the door changed every morning and every night.

When working freelance, that door doesn't change often.  It's harder to separate the two.

There are many aspects of business as a freelancer that must be balanced.  There are many aspects of life that must be balanced.  I just can't separate the two and be effective in either.

I've learned to quit fighting it and to integrate the two.  I must integrate my head with my heart, my fun time with my work, my family with my career.

What helps the most if having work that you love.  I love computers.  I've always loved computers since I first found out about them.

Loving my work makes balancing my life easier.

Since I love computers and the science behind them, it makes it much easier and more exciting to do my work.

If I had to work as a nurse, I would dread it every day.  I tried.  Most of my family is in the health care business.  My Mother was an administrator at a hospital and I spent a lot of my time there trying every possible job at the hospital while I worked there on my summer breaks from school.

The only department I truly loved working in was the computer department.  I fell in love with the technology and decided that's what I wanted to spend most of my time doing. Even if I didn't get paid to do it.

Not only is it my work, it's also my hobby.  It's where my heart lives.  Since my family has my heart as well, it only makes sense to me to balance it well.

The best way to balance, is to integrate.

For me, being a freelancer is the best way to integrate the two loves of my heart.

I am the boss.  I am in charge of my time.  I am in charge of my income.  I am in charge of my life.

I choose when I get to work and when I get to play (sometimes they are the same).

I make time for both.  Both are important to me.  My family is important to me.  My work is important to me.  I include and integrate as much as possible.

I also love travel and being in nature.  I love exploring and seeing new places.  I love bike riding and hiking and discovering new out of the way places.

I have spent a life time integrating all these things into my current lifestyle.

I am not advocating this lifestlye for everyone else, but I am advocating that you find ALL the things you love and integrate them into your life.

For me, living in an RV, traveling the US, being in a different location that allows me to hike and ride my bike and spend time with my family whenever and wherever I want, makes my life work better.

I encourage you to decide what you truly enjoy and then integrate those things as much as possible to help you live your best life.

I feel that freelancing gives me the freedom I desire to do all the things I want to do.

I know computers.  I love computers.  It is my dream to share everything I know.

I was lucky enough to have been born in a time when computers were just getting started in the mainstream.

I watched it happen.  I got to follow this industry as it grew up and became a driving force in our current world.

When I look at how much there is to know about technology now, I am overwhelmed.  I don't know how others can possibly get started and understand everything they need to know to be most effective.

I had the benefit of learning it as it happened.  One thing built upon another.

It was like wading from the shallow end to the deep end in a pool.  It slowly becomes deeper.

Today's students have no choice but to jump in the deep end.  There is only so much they can teach in 4 years to get a college degree.

I want to share the beginnings, the foundations and the basics so that those who are forced to jump in the deep end can get a better understanding of what's going on underneath the hood.

If your dream is to be a freelancer or if your dream is to become a web developer, then I encourage you to join me.

I am following my heart and doing what I love by sharing what I know with others.  It will be easy to put my heart and soul into it as I integrate the pieces of my life that are worth savoring in my experience on this journey I call life.

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